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Conclusion of Candelaria School Pump Project – El Salvador

Adam Keough – El Salvador - ConclusionThis project has been successfully completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Adam Keough. To see the history of the project CLICK HERE.

Adam reports:

Our project was to install a new pump in an existing well that would provide water for the local school.

First we removed an old hand pump that had rusted out and stopped working. Once the old pump was removed we found that there was still plenty of good water to be had in the well.

Our plan was to buy a new submersible electric pump that would draw water directly to the faucets located on the outside of the bathrooms.

We proceeded to buy the materials: pump, tubing, electrical wire, switch box, and completed the installation the same day.

We sealed the well with concrete to protect the water quality and insure that there was no risk of a child falling into an open well.

The completed project pumped water to two faucets in the school bathrooms. This is where children wash their hands and where they gather water for all the schools cleaning and cooking needs.

Adam reports on how the project was received:

The community is very pleased with the results of the project. It will provide a consistent source of clean water for the local school. It will also mean less work for the children as they will not have to haul water from the pump to the bathrooms to do the daily cleaning, leaving them with more time to focus on their school work.

We again wish to thank The Soneva SLOW LIFE Trust for providing the funds for this project.

Adam Keough – El Salvador - ConclusionAdam Keough – El Salvador - Conclusion

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