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Conclusion of Napeng School Water Project – Thailand

Napeng School Water Project – ThailandThis project has been successfully completed, under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Kristin Palbicke. To see the history of the project CLICK HERE.

The project was to provide clean drinking water for day care students by purchasing and installing a water filtration system and a handwashing station.

In addition to providing the children with sufficient clean water, the system has enabled the principal to save the money being spent on drinking water to be used towards interactive education projects.

Kristin reports:

The bathroom was designed by the town planning division within the Sub-district Administrative Office then built by school teachers, SAO officials, and community members. We were able to achieve all projected goals providing the children a tiled area with a proper drainage system, sinks, clean drinking water, and sanitary conditions which promote healthy sanitation within the schools and encourage positive sanitation practice through being taught during the students’ formative years.

Kristin expressed the appreciation of the Wanyai schools, municipal office, community, and nursery children to The Soneva SLOW LIFE Trust for providing the funding for this successful project.

Napeng School Water Project – ThailandNapeng School Water Project – Thailand

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