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Conclusion of Kounkane Well #2 – Senegal

Kounkane, SenegalTo read about the planning of the original project, CLICK HERE.

Before implementation, the project for Ecole Privee 2 became infeasible. With time running out on her service in Senegal, Peace Corps Volunteer Emily Morris was able to put together a substitute project, and successfully implement and complete it.

Emily determined that there was a women’s vocational school/preschool in Kounkane that was greatly in need of a well. Approximately 30 women are at the center throughout the day learning marketable skills, such as fabric dying and soap making. In addition, there are about 40 young children at the center on a typical day, with higher numbers on holidays.

Thus, Well #2 became the Case de Toutes Petites Well. The pictures below show the tremendous success achieved within the original budget.

Emily is back in the U.S., and we are grateful to her for her service in Senegal in general, and for concluding this great project in particular.

On behalf of the community, the center, and Emily, we again wish to thank The Soneva SLOW LIFE Trust for providing the funds for this project.

Kounkane, SenegalKounkane, Senegal
Kounkane, SenegalKounkane, Senegal

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